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Sandy Azark (Ross)
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July 21, 1949 retired teacher Married 1
Greetings to fellow Grads,
Have fun at your get-togethers! Its good to see all the photos. Thanks to the committee for their hard work.
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John Bantsolas
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November 21, 1948 Commercial Real Estate Broker www.jnbcommercial.com Married 2 1966
Graduated from West Point in 1971 and served 20 years in US Army.  Married to Irene (met her in Monterey, CA) in 1975;  have two adult children (both still single).  Retired out of Ft Bragg, NC, and continue to live in the All American City of Fayetteville, NC, where I have my own commercial real estate business.  As it is not nearly as strenuous as army life I will continue to work as long as I am reasonably healthy. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Jan Bell (Ebel)
August 19, 1947 Single 1 1965
Just retired (Yea!)  Last job was 20 years in mechanical layout design, prior to that I designed kitchens, modelled and dabbled in artwork, which I now plan to pursue.

I have so many things I want to do, I'm not sure where to start. What a great feeling.

I have one fantastic son, a beautiful daughter-in-law and 2 dynamic grandsons who, fortunately also live in the Chicago 'burbs.

Life is good!
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Douglas Benzies
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June 20, 1947 Retired Single 1 1965
Worked as an accountant for 40 years. Spent 3 years in North Carolina. Retired in 2010. Daughter married in July, 2011. Proud day for Dad. Send Douglas a MessageSend Douglas a Message
Bill Bernhjelm
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October 24, 1948 police chief/ consultant Married 2
Left Chgo in 1972 after about 5 yrs with Chgo PD, and moved to the Twin Cities in MN.  Served with the Edina PD for 27 yrs, last 6 as Chief.  Managed to complete BS degree and  FBI National Academy while there. Next 3 1/2 yrs served as Chief Conservation Officer with MN Dept of Natural Resources. Retired to our log home up in the lake country of MN. Got bored, volunteered as EMT on local ambulance service and first responders. Then tried subbing in the K- 12 schools,( yep- real life kindergarden cop),  taught some college Law Enf. classes, went back to "working the street" part time.  Took a contract job with the state working on the statewide public safety radio system and somehow became a chief again.  Warning:  too many part time gigs takes more than full time.  Shoulda worked on that math some more. Still able to work in a lttle travel, some fishing and hunting. 
All in all, not a bad life, good health & good family and I get to live up here in God's country.
Best wishes to all, hope you enjoy the reunion!!
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Wayne Birch
February 08, 1950 Civil Engineer Married 2 1967
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Joyce Boshardt (Zeman)
April 24, 1948 Hairdresser and Southwest Airlines Married 3 1966
 Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Send Joyce a MessageSend Joyce a Message
Joyce Braithwaite (Schultz)
July 13, 1947 Retired Married 1965
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Laurel Braithwaite (Wimbish Braithwaite)
August 07, 1950 Retired Married 2 1968
Is there anyone from 1968 out there?????  I went to one reunion for the 22nd or 23rd...and haven't heard from anyone since....I know you're out there......D4 Send Laurel a MessageSend Laurel a Message
Tom Breen
May 29, 1948 Retired Married 2 1966

After MPHS went to the U of I and Northwestern Kellogg. Moved around a bit. Last corporate transfer brought me back to Chicago from Boston. Gail Schaller (Longwood Academy) and I will soon be married 40 years. Met in Champaign. We both like being retired (five years running) and spoiling our grand kids. Most-unlikely-thing-I-ever-did: Endowed scholarship fund at the U of I for engineers.

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