Video of the MPHS Mini Reunion Palermo Pizzza Party on April 13, 2012



Empehi, Empehi, We are loyal,
Empehi, Empehi we are true. 
We will fight for your colors flying, 
for the green and the white and for you...rah rah

As our team marches into the battle, 
we will fight for your victory and fame
Empehi, Empehi--- we are ever FAITHFUL 
and proud of your glorious name..
la la la la la...la la la la la.....la la la la la la....

Anyone interested in taking video at the MPHS Reunion?

 1. Camera Phone videos - We take short videos of the entire group singing Empehi Empehi, We are Loyal and We are the Mustangs, the Mighty Mighty Mustangs, and a few short interviews. Post the video on Youtube with links back to our web site and blog.

 2. Doing something more elaborate - say try to get one of our alums who is an amateur video buff to do a video - tape of the reunion plus more extensive interviews with a higher quality of video. Post to Youtube and our Web / Blogs.

3. Does anyone know if the Ridge Historic Society or BAPA or someone else doing video histories? Most of this has been focused on the WWII generation, but we are next in line.

 Anyone interested in doing this? Please let us know. Thanks


 Examples of video for Clif Hullinger's WWII unit. We hired a pro, then put it on Youtube. 


Clif and Louise Hullinger - depression, growing up in dust bowl, WWII. Our Village TV crew did it for free.


And you have all seen lots of Youtube video. Here is one of a reunion we did not know about.

Morgan Park High 2011 All Alumni Reunion


We are the Mustangs,
The 60 something Mustangs
Everywhere we go - oh!
People want to know -oh!

Whe we are, so we tell them

We are the Mustangs
The might tired Mustangs

 And so on.  But we forget the rest.

Hard to believe but no one has recorded our school songs
and put them on You Tube. Here is your chance to win
fame and fortune.

Sing the songs and record them with your camera, then upload
them to You Tube and send us the link - we will put the
video on our Music Page on our http://Morganparkhigh.com web site.

Could be the first step to fame and fortune.
You could be discovered!!!!

Emephi, Empehi, We Are Loyal


We are the Mustangs, the Mighty Mighty Mustangs.